Tooling Services

Durant Plastics understands the commitment and investment that our valued customers have made or will make, through the purchase of tooling to manufacture your components. Durant Plastics and Manufacturing has a standard no-cost program where we maintain your tooling with routine clean, inspection and service at the end of each production run. This program includes but is not limited to the following:

Last shots are inspected and compared to First Article Inspection.

Tool repairs from normal wear and tear will be discussed and approved with/by our customer's representatives prior to any tolling work being performed.

Engineering changes requested (ECN) will be performed by our experienced engineering/tooling department at the current reasonable shop rates at the time of the ECN or repair. Inactive tooling (no production for 6 months) is subject to a storage / maintenance fee of $50.00 per month.

Quality Services

Durant Plastics and Manufacturing's entire management team is committed to providing ongoing training and quality guidelines for all of our employees to insure that our customers receive products that continually exceed their expectations. Our documented preventive maintenance program for machines and molds ensure that we are capable of providing quality production on time.